Blogging about Interracial Relationships

I began this blog as part of my work for Core II: Research Methods in Writing, a course taught by Professor Bill Wolff in the graduate program in Writing Arts at Rowan University in the Spring semester of 2013.

For my project, I’m taking a close look at interracial marriage, a social trend that is becoming more prevalent in our culture, both here in New Jersey and in the broader U.S. culture. Statistics released by the Pew Research Center in June of 2010 indicated that nearly 15% of U.S. marriages in 2008 paired individuals of different race or ethnic origin. Mixed race families are clearly becoming part of the common fabric of  our communities.

This blog is a way of documenting my experiences, impressions, and progress as I conduct interviews, investigate historical archives, and delve into current media on my topic.  My work will culminate in a nonfiction piece, hopefully one that both informs and inspires. My goal is to see the article published in either a local or a national publication.

Wish me luck, and follow along.  I’ll be posting regularly, and I’d love to hear your comments!

One Response to Blogging about Interracial Relationships

  1. christifox77 says:

    I think you have a very interesting topic Carol and I’d love to read your findings. Good luck!

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